About Us

About us,

Zymaras, based in Larnaca, has been producing and marketing various foods both fresh and frozen for more than 38 years. Our products fall into four categories of ice
cream, dairy, confectionery and bakery. Continuing its steady ascendancy, today it has established itself as one of the most important names in the field. In particular, we
supply HO.RE.CA & RETAIL customers. Our experienced, highly trained staff closely monitors developments in the field and is continuously redeployed to be able to
provide modern, innovative products. Combining high quality and direct, friendly service with competitive prices, Farm N. Zymaras is a pioneer in the field of its products.


Nicolas (Kkolis) Zymaras of Angastina was the first person in Cyprus who bought the art of ice cream in 1932 from a Lebanese for £ 15.00. So he began to serve ice
cream at home for his family and friends. When he noticed that he was in demand, the ice cream began to sell it. The ZYMARAS family in Cyprus has been operating
since 1932 and is being treated with respect, inspiring confidence, confidence and reliability.


Our leadership development approach is unique, our leadership team reflects a group of different individuals with wide knowledge and depth of experience.

Main targets,

We aim to maintain a high level of quality of our products and services, further development through new technology applications and expand our clientele in a healthy competitive environment.

Corporate Values,

Our company started as a family business and its character has remained unchanged over time. Our personal contact with each of our clients makes communication
straightforward and effective, intimate and friendly.


We have know-how and experience on our subject, values ​​we cultivate and evolve.

We provide training opportunities for our staff, all specialties.

Keeping business tactics,

We adopt a sincere, clear and honest client approach.

We ensure consistency in our financial commitments and obligations towards our suppliers.

We manage every possible dissatisfaction in the near future to find a satisfactory solution.

Respect for the customer,

We also meet the most demanding needs of our customers.

We propose solutions and design implementation with speed and efficiency.

Corporate social responsibility,

We place emphasis on the field of workplace security, respecting the workers’ protection rules, since we consider the value of human life a supreme good.

We promote a spirit of co-operation and teamwork.

We actively support cultural, sporting but above all social actions of local and wider society with sensitivity and modesty.


Modern engineering equipment, High quality raw materials, Modern design, Collaboration with International trading houses, ISO 22000 quality assurance.


Personal service Reliability & consistency towards partners & clients Friendly prices Direct complaint handling.

Our vision,

We strive for the sustainable development of all our activities, demonstrating our competitive strengths and corporate value. Global diversification, reducing the
complexity of processes and added value creation, are the most important levers of sustained improvement that come to enhance the robustness of our financial results.


We ensure that the mission and philosophy of respecting land and traditions is reflected in a sustainable business model. We are genuinely proud of the green
approach and able to present packaged products without Genetically Modified Organisms and only in packaging containers that are 100% recyclable,

We stand by our slogan: Wonderful taste, zero waste!

Proprietary distribution center,

Cypriot market,

Our privately owned fleet of trucks and trucks covers all the cities of Cyprus.

International market,

Our experience in the food sector around the world has created us

Reputation as a trusted supplier. Today our products are exported in many places

Of the world,

Thank you for choosing us and working with us!